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Why vote Camdon Porterfield for School Director?

  • He is a fiscal Conservative, who believes taxpayer dollars should be allocated in a proper manner - to give faculty and students the tools necessary to succeed academically over wasteful expenditures. He also supports constructive extracurricular activities, and will work to ensure students are able to pursue those interests.


Camdon and the rest of the 2010 Journalism/Yearbook group in NYC.

  • As a former Hempfield student, he saw the Board play a critical role in student and faculty affairs - good and bad. One of his primary goals is to create a more open, interpersonal dialogue between those parties and the Board, while taking political and personal issues out of District policy-making.

Camdon and other alumni speaking to Project 18 in 2013.

  • Camdon is a firm believer in maintaining a strong curriculum, but stands very much opposed to politically-radicalized curriculums brought forth by other Districts. He will fight passionately to endorse alternative ways of teaching sensitive topics, rather than giving into subversive agendas.


Camdon was part of the crew that filmed Les Miserables at HAHS in 2014.

  • While he believes keeping students, faculty, and their families as safe as possible from COVID is a must, Camdon also recognizes the damage off-site/online learning is causing - not only academically, but personally and emotionally. He emphatically backs a return to full in-person operation, while remaining flexible on ways to safely do so.

Camdon having some fun at Hempfield's annual Yearbook Camp, circa 2009.

  • Lastly, his unique combination of youth, professional experience in the public and private sectors, and teaching/instructional acumen will bring a needed breath of fresh air and perspective to the position.



Camdon teaching a continuing education course to a group of assessors, 2019.

On May 18, vote for “a path forward for a better Hempfield.”


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